Friday, August 31, 2007

No PGN...maybe next week.

I just got an email from my agency that our attorney apparently just found a mistake on the social worker paper work (from Family court.) They had to correct it before putting the case into PGN. They are hoping to have the case in on Monday. sigh. David's sitting here calmly watching some auto show on TLC & I want to pull my hair out! Well, I'm going to try & enjoy the weekend...we have some projects to get done around the house that we've been putting off. It'll be okay...it's just that Christmas is getting closer & closer & it's starting to feel like we won't have her home by then.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

What it all means...

I've had a few family members & friends ask what all the adoption lingo means, here is a little bit of an outline of what we have left to go through in the process, and a few definitions :) (I borrowed much of this explination from my agency's yahoo group)

The attorney submits the adoption case file and a petition for approval (PA) of the adoption to a notarial officer of the Procuraduria General de la Nacion (PGN.) A PGN notary reviews all documents in the case file and, at his/her discretion, may independently investigate one or more aspects of the case. PGN may reject the file (issue a previo/kick out) any number of times for a wide variety of reasons that range from serious (e.g., irregularities in the birth mother’s or child’s identity documents) to minor (e.g., minor spelling errors, expired notary seals). The attorney for the birth mother and adoptive family corrects the problem and resubmits the case to PGN. Ultimately, the PGN typically concurs with the Family Court’s recommendation and issues its approval for the adoption to proceed. WITHOUT any previos/kickout PGN should take about 8 weeks.
ADOPTION DECREE. The attorney then prepares the final adoption Protocolo or deed, and meets with the birth mother for her to sign her final consent to the child’s adoption. The executed Protocolo is filed with the Archivo de Protocolo. At this point, the child is legally the child of the adoptive parent(s) under Guatemalan law.
CIVIL REGISTRY AND PASSPORT. The attorney presents the required documents to record the adoption at the Civil Registry where the child’s birth was recorded, and requests that a new birth certificate be issued to reflect the adoption, and to change the child’s surname to that of the adoptive family. The attorney then takes all documents including the new birth certificate and applies for the child’s Guatemalan passport. The child is again fingerprinted to affirm his/her identity. There has also been a 2nd DNA test added
US EMBASSY – FINAL APPROVAL AND VISA. The attorney presents the case file with the child’s passport and new birth certificate to the US Embassy. The Embassy again evaluates the file and, if all documentation is in order, issues a “Final Document Approval” or pink slip. After the attorney receives this approval, the adoptive parents and child appear at the US Embassy for final verification, and an embassy official then issues a visa for the child’s entry into the US.

Soooo...seems like alot. But we are still praying to have Corynn home by Christmas..though at times it seems impossible to me. Hopefully we will go into to PGN & have a reviewer who has a kind heart & won't pick through our file for ridiculous reasons to give us a previo/kick out.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PGN? Maybe...maybe not.

I emailed our agency yesterday to find out if we've been submitted to PGN yet & received a response today that our attorney is saying either today or tomorrow & our agency asked them to let us know for sure when it happens. Please let it be soon..then the real wait can begin.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dr. Visit, New pics, & Prayers needed!

You know I hate when other blogging momma's don't post for awhile :) pot..kettle. Anywhoo...Corynn was brought to the doctor yesterday so they could have an updated medical report in her file for PGN...turns out she has a respiratory infection & fever & will need some medicine :( I really wish she was here with me right now so I could hold her & wipe her nose & rock her to sleep. I wish I was the one giving her her medicine & checking her temperature. I just have to keep telling myself that I will have many years of taking care of her & doing all these things. We're still waiting to go into PGN, I'm praying we'll be entered by the end of the week...we'll see. I got two new pictures of Corynn at the doctors office, one with her foster mom holding her. We are so blessed & lucky to have such a nice foster family who love her so much...that is the only part of bringing Corynn home that I'm not looking forward too is breaking their hearts. The little onesie & jeans she has on are clothes we left from our trip...Dave loves that she is wearing this onesie!

Thanks so much to everyone for continually praying for us, I'd like to ask that you also keep these two special families in your prayers as well: my friend Amanda & her daughter Bella, & Amanda's friend Jane & her son Lucas . Amanda has had an unimaginable amount of set backs in bringing her beautiful daughter home...please pray that whatever forces are blocking the completion of her adoption & bringing Bella home are broken & that Bella will be home with her family VERY soon.

I do not know Jane, but she is a friend of Amanda's who also needs prayers in bringing her son Lucas home. The picture below is of her daughter and son. Karly just got released from the judge and will be coming home soon. The little boy in the picture is named Lucas and he had an abandonment hearing today. The judge does not want to issue a COA and wants him moved to another hogar (orphanage). This would mean that Jane would lose her son. Please pray specifically for God to move on the judge's heart and have him reconsider his decision.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hooray Hooray!!! We have PA!!!!

We have pre-approval!!! Next stop PGN!! My agency said it would probably be about a week or two until we are submitted because they need to bring Corynn to the doctor so she will have an updated medical report in her file.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Some good news!!!

Well I emailed the Embassy yesterday & received a response back today that they have received our case & it is being reviewed now & I should be receiving an email soon! I also found out today that we ARE out of family court!! YES!! I needed some good news!! Thanks to everyone who has emailed me or left comments...your thoughts, prayers, & support are greatly appreciated!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Business or Calender??

I called the lab today & found out that the DNA was received by the embassy on June 5th, which would put us at day 63 of waiting. So I called my agency to find out if they knew what the hold up is & I was told that it's 60 business days (???!!!!) That can't be right b/c there are other blogging familys that I know that were a week or two ahead of me getting DNA & already have PA. I feel like I just hit a wall. I've been sitting here crying b/c I don't know what to do...I don't know how to get in touch with the Embassy to find out for myself, if anyone here knows please email me, I'd really appreciate it.


more trip pictures

Today was a hard day...for multiple reasons. My purse & wallet were stolen (I didn't think it was possible to love a purse so much, but I did :( (my husband gave them to me for my birthday a few weeks ago...he went shopping & picked them out all by himself & completely surprised me with them, so they had a little bit of sentamental value...multiple items of value (to me) were in it, luckily with a minor headache most of it can be replaced...I hope.) so I thought I'd post some more pictures of Corynn for me to stare at, & our family & friends can enjoy too! ;)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Happy 7 months Corynn!

Today Corynn is 7 months old. I have a magazine that I found at work that goes through the first 12 months of baby's life & tells what they should be doing...having a hard time looking at it now b/c we're missing alot of first...but I know that she'll be with us for a lot of other first. Still no word on preapproval, I think I may call the lab on Monday b/c I don't know exactly what date the DNA results were entered with the Embassy...I'm just guesstimating that it was around June 11th b/c we got the results in the mail on June 9th (weekend), so we would be on day 54. I still have no idea if we are out of family court...I really hope so b/c I would hate to have preapproval & find out we can't get into PGN yet b/c we're still not done with family court!!

We'll have a herd of 7/8 year olds decending on us this evening for Cam's birthday sleep over & then Laser tag party tomorrow...pray. LOL!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

A movie with a message

Today is my younger son Cameron's b-day...he turned 8 years old. We went to Barnes & Noble (it's like crack to a book worm like me) & brought Cameron's friend Jake...also known as Amanda's son :) with us. On a whim we decided to meet up with Amanda & go to the movies to see Evan Almighty. I loved it. I recommend it highly...especially to family's that are or have been in the long frustrating rollercoster that is adoption. It had a great message (with perfect timing) that we may not always agree with, like, or understand God's plan in our life, but He knows what He's doing.

Happy Birthday to my wild & crazy kid: