Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Happenings

Sorry it's taken me a while to make a new post...been a little busy. I went back to work 3 weeks ago :( & even though I love my job & told everyone that I was looking forward to going back, I still teared up that first night. The boys are out of school for the summer...whew! 3 kids running around expecting me to be the summer activities director is wearing thin, but it's good spending time with them....though at times I start looking at my calender & counting the days until school is back in LOL. Corynn's doing great, enjoying all the time with her big brothers, running around to baseball games & b-day parties.
Corynn & her GBFF (guatemala best friend forever), Bellaboo, hanging out at their brothers baseball games

Hanging by the pool at a pool party

Collin turned 12 a few weeks ago (eeek! I have a 12 year old!) & he decided he wanted to have another paint ball party for his birthday...

Cam got shot in the head!

worn out from all the paint ball!

Hey GBFF, want to come hang out at my place? Heard your mom's foot hurts pretty bad! Ouch!! We need that trip to Blue Bayou soon...

Going swimming!

Can you believe this is the same girl who 3 months ago acted like we were placing her in acid when she had to take a bath!?

Kevin or Debbie (Hannah's parents), if you're reading this please email me larnstudent@yahoo.com