Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Almost back to school time....

Haven't posted in a while, been alittle busy since we got back from Guat. I was finally able to unpack Corynn's suitcase yesterday, it was hard, but I keep praying that it won't be too long until we are able to be with her again...hopefully for good. The boys start back to school in a few weeks! Hard to believe how fast the summer has flown by! Collin will start Jr. High! I tell my friends that I don't feel old b/c of my age, I feel old b/c of my KIDS age!

For those of you that have ask about the monogrammed clothes & bibs Corynn is wearing in some of the pictures, I bought them at a little boutique close to my home called KidAdorable. I don't think they have a website, but I'm going by there today to show them our trip pictures & I'll find out. Thank you everyone for all of your kind comments here & prayers. I'm sorry I'm not good at replying back, but I just wanted to let you all know how much they are appreciated! Keep up the praying!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I left a piece of my heart in Guatemala

I expected giving Corynn back to the foster mother yesterday was going to be painful, but I never could have prepared myself for how painful it was. To make it worse, our facilitator had told us that they would be there at 5:30 to get her & they didn't show up until 7:30...not that I didn't want to spend more time with Corynn, but I had prepared myself for 5:30, & it's the kind of thing you really want to get over with so you can go back to your hotel room & have a mini breakdown. David & I made sure that when we came down to bring her, the hotel staff was in our room getting the crib, baby tub, & stroller out of there so we wouldn't have to see them when we came back without her. Corynn's foster family was great, & told me that they would be sobbing like me when it's time for us to bring her home (they said it would be very soon...which even though they have no say so, it comforted me.)
I would do this experience all over again if I had the chance, even knowing how much I am hurting right now.

On a brighter note, we met some other familys visiting & picking up while we were there! (Hey Jim!! & Tyonia & John!!) Jim, that 4th piece of pizza did me in!

And also the best news of all!!! ISABELLA CLAIRE IS COMING HOME!!!
Amanda, I'm so happy for you & your family!!
it's been a long time coming!! Perfect timing too Amanda, b/c I really need some retail therapy right now!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Worth the wait...

Well tonight is our last night with Corynn, we have to give her back to her foster mom tomorrow at 5:30. Although I'm sitting here tearing up while looking at her sleeping, & I know I will lose a big piece of my heart tomorrow, I wouldn't trade this time we've been able to have with her. I also have faith that she will be back with us soon, this time forever. I'm comforted in the fact that she seems to have a very nice foster family who love her & who will take good care of her & keep her safe until that time comes.

This is what I think about you having to wait a long time for me momma!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007

thanks for letting me borrow your Bumbo Bella!


Here's what ya'll have been waiting for!!

This picture is from 3am this morning...check out the hair:

Fell back to sleep at 5am..

woke up again at 6am...

Before my bath...

after my bath...ready for my debute!

We're here!!

We arrived in Guatemala yesterday afternoon. It's beautiful here! Corynn arrived a fews hours later than she was supposed...it was past her bedtime, & being given to two strangers who you don't understand did not make her happy! She's better now & has been cooing and ahhhing at David & I all morning...3am to be exact :) LOL. Her hair is hilarious, it's wild! I promise to download pictures later today!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

3 HOURS!!!!

Until we leave! Do you think I'm going to get much sleep tonight? Oh. my. gosh!!! I'm so excited/nerveous!! We just got home from my birthday dinner with family & friends & had the most wonderful time! This birthday is going to be hard to top next year!! We actually had to weigh our suitcases b/c I've packed so much stuff...Corynn's is the heaviest! LOL!
edited because I really do know how to spell...I'm just to excited!! :)

Monday, July 9, 2007

2 days 8 hours & 30 minutes....

....until we are on our way to Guatemala!!

!!!!!!! Just like typing it out!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th!! & happy 6 months to Corynn!!

Happy 4th of July to everyone!! Hope it was enjoyable! I got lucky today & was supposed to work all day until 7pm...they drew a name to see who would be able to leave at 1 & out of like 30 people my name was picked!! YIPPEE!! So I joined my family & friends for BBQ & fireworks! Today is also Corynn's 6 month birthday!! & in one week I'll be counting down the hours b/c we'll be leaving for Guatemala the next day for our visit!!! No news right now on our wait...still waiting on pre-approval. I am getting alittle nervous about our trip...it's funny how you never really notice all the guatemala or visit trip horror stories until right before your going there! Why people think now is a good time to send emails to me about riots, etc. I don't know, I'm a born worrier anyway!!! So everyone just pray that we have a really safe & uneventful trip...just great quality time with our precious baby!

ETA: I found a great new blog of a fellow Guatemama who has giveaways (YAY! fun free stuff!!!) Email her at Sa3@aol.com to be invited to her blog & enter to win!!