Thursday, June 21, 2007

Guatemama blogging buddies

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda...in person...who is in the process of bringing her beautiful daughter Bella home from Guatemala. I've been following her blog for a long time now (having issues getting it to link, but if you click on "Amanda & Bella" on my Guatemama/daddy blog roll it will get you there!)
& we recently figured out that we both live in the same city! Small world! So today we got together for alittle shopping at one of my favorite boutiques...where I spent way too much money... & bought Corynn two cute little dresses & bows! This is one of them:

the other one was sent off to be monogrammed, it's precious..LSU colors with little ribbons that tie at the shoulders.
Amanda & I were also sucked into purchasing the latest thing for our boys called webkinz (shrugs) This is why I'm posting this message later than I wanted b/c the webkinz are little stuffed animals that have a life on the web. The boys can feed it, bathe it, take it to the doctor, even clothe it!! Cameron asked me if he could wake up super early in the morning so he can play with it again (!!)

After shopping we went & ate at Chili's...yum! Our boys became fast friends & I'm so glad Amanda & I have met, it seems like we have a lot in common.

Next week we tackle Blue Bayou Water Park!! But there will be NO pictures of me in a bathing suit...sorry, it's for your own good!

Monday, June 18, 2007

DNA, PA, PGN oh my!

Nothing new on the adoption front...still waiting to find out if we are officially waiting for pre-approval yet. Counting down the days until our trip & packing & repacking Corynn's suitcase. Very excited about the trip & a little nervous about the unknown. We did receive our DNA results in the mail with a picture of Corynn with her birthmother...it is very sad to look at. I pull the picture out often & look into her eyes & wonder what she is thinking...is she trying to send me a message? How will I present this picture to Corynn? Should I frame it & keep it in her room...should I put it in a special box for her to pull out whenever she wants to look at it?

On a different subject, I've decided to give up all fried foods until we bring Corynn home. Being from Louisiana this is BIG. No fried fish or shrimp! I just got done reading the blog of a lady who gave up Dr. Pepper during their wait, & she was out of PGN in 4 weeks (!!) Hopefully it doesn't push me over the edge ;) I'm already hormonal!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New pictures!!!

Happy dances all around!!

It's a match!!!

I just got an email from my agency with the results from the DNA test!! It's a 99.9999% match!!! YAY!! They said that I will be getting the results in the mail within the next 2-3 weeks along with a picture of Corynn & her birth mother. (!!!) Happy dance time!!

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Adoption hormones

When I was pregnant with the boys I would cry about the silliest things: spilled milk, those sappy hallmark commercials, tying my shoes...unfortunatly I've been bombarded with these wacky emotions lately! Yesterday after being on the computer & reading blogs I started crying...today David & I went to babies r us to pick up our rocker & I started crying...in line at Sams there was a little girl with big brown eyes sitting in a buggy singing a song to her carton of blueberries & I started giggling at her, then she giggled with me..when they left I started crying. Blah!! I feel so out of wack & I feel like the time until we have Corynn home is endless. I'm trying to keep busy to make the time go by faster...We bought a pool today & set it up, the boys are in heaven..I bought season passes to the local water park for the summer (the boys told me "mom, next year you'll have to stay in the kiddie area with Corynn" :) )...& the hospital I work at is having a triathlon at the end of July...I've always wanted to do one & really need to get in shape...maybe alittle excercise will help with my crazy emotions too!!