Wednesday, January 30, 2008

DNA is at the lab!!!

Corynn's DNA arrived at the lab today!! They said it should be done by next Wednesday & then on to the US Embassy!!! So we should know when our Embassy appointment is by either late next week or early the following week!!!! Anyone want to guess when you think our appointment will be?

Friday, January 25, 2008


Just got an email from our agency that all of our documents have been translated back to english & we now have authorization to get Corynn's 2nd DNA test done! Or in adoption lingo "orange" for the color paper the authorization is on. Things are really moving along now!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Passport? Check!!

Corynn has a passport!!!! Our agency just scanned me a copy of it & she's smiling as big as day in the picture & wearing the Christmas dress I sent!! It sure feels good to be excited again!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Corynn now has our last name!!!

Our agency just emailed us that after 13 weeks we finally have Corynn's new birth certificate!!!! She's coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a few more weeks of waiting!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dateline NBC

Just wanted to send out a heads up to family & friends that Dateline is running an episode tomorrow night about Guatemalan adoption, with the majority of focus on illegal adoptions that happen in Guat. I know many of you will have us in mind if you watch this episode simply because we are adopting from Guatemala, but please remember that our adoption is legal & we have gone through all of the proper steps & approvals to bring Corynn home. We did not "buy" Corynn, we did pay adoption fees, but these pay for our attorney, agency, foster care, dr. visits & immunizations. I've also heard that part of the episode is about Guatemalan children who are kidnapped & sold into adoption, Corynn was not kidnapped, her birthmother has been interviewed by a social worker to make sure she understands what she is doing & this is what she wants, & she has had to sign off on the adoption 4 times throughout the process. She has not been paid to do this. We have had to have DNA test done to prove that it is Corynn's birthmother & not someone off the street trying to sell her & will have to get a 2nd DNA test done (once we get the birth certificate) to prove Corynn is the same baby & was not switched. Unfortunatly there are bad people in the adoption community who are out to make money, but this can be said for any country. I hope that Dateline portrays a fair & accurate look into all aspects of Guatemalan adoption but I fear that their main agenda to bring in ratings will be "baby trafficing"

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New pictures!

Although I would much rather be seeing my daughter in person, here are some great pictures our agency just sent us.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New blog header

Thanks so much to my talented friend Season for making a new header for my blog!! Season is a graphic design student & you can browse her portfolio & resume here http://www.srggraphics.com

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Not good news...

I just got a phone call from our agency & our Guatemala facilitator. As soon as I saw my agency's # I got excited...this was it...we have Corynn's bc. The first thing
she said after she said hello was "it's not good news." She
connected me to our facilitator who told me that after 10 weeks of
waiting for the Mixco City CR to give us Corynn's bc they have
decided that they need more documents in our file before they
can "approve" us to give us her
bc. AFTER 10 WEEKS!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!! 10WEEKS!!!!! !!!! for a birth
certificate that should take no more than 2 weeks!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
We've been kicked out of the freakin civil registry!!!! ! our
facilitator said that our attorney is getting the documents together & we will be
resubmitted tomorrow (he didn't know what documents were needed) but
then the secretary at the CR told him it would take 30 days to
review it again & then 8 days before the bc could be picked up. 38
more days for a birth certificate! !!!! and that's IF Mixco is being
honest & it is really going to be 38 days....it could be another
freakin 10 weeks for all anyone knows!!!! I asked him what if in 30
days they decide more documents are needed & he said that they are
getting everything they've requested & that SHOULD be it. He did say
that he would be going there everyday to put pressure on them to
review it faster...that is my only comfort right now in this whole
mess. Corynn turns 1 tomorrow. All I can ask right now is for
prayers & support.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Edited to add: No knew news about Corynn's birth certificate. We are still waiting, with an undetermined amount of time that we have to wait. It is 9 weeks today that we have been waiting for a piece of paper that should have taken 1-2 weeks to have. I pray that the new year brings good news & she will be home with us soon.