Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pictures :-)

Yes, this is actually a new post...I was beginning to get tired of seeing that "we're okay" LOL.
first, here are some pics from the hurricane...this is Corynn keeping herself entertained while we lived in our camper for alittle over a week

Our home after Gustav..lots of debris, still some clean up going on, but nothing unmanagable.

That rocking chair WAS on the porch!

Corynn is getting so big & talking so much now...she says & does the funniest things. You know when she is doing something she is not supposed to be doing now because she thinks when she closes her eyes that if she can't see us we can't see her either!! LOL! so whenever she passes by me now with her eyes closed I know she's up to something (usually has paper in her mouth)
She loves animals & her favorite is horses...or as she calls them "porsey" We think it's a cross b/t horsey & pony. Here she is riding her swinging "porsey"

Corynn loves my sister (her "Nonnie") & I just got around to framing Nonnie's senior picture...which corynn promptly took off the hall table & gave it it's rightful place on a pillow in front of her while she watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

The weather has been so great that I took Corynn to the zoo last week...

The giraffe got really close!

She LOVED the choo choo