Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Almost summer!

Not sure if anyone checks in on here anymore, but these pictures are too cute/funny not to post. Everyone's doing great! The boys can't wait for summer, & we leave for Disney in 16 days!! Can NOT wait! Corynn is talking so much & we crack up all the time at the things she says...today as we were backing out of the inspection sticker station she told the woman doing the stickers,"bye lady, have a good day!" LOL!
This is what the kids do when mommy's at work & daddy's in charge...

From muddy maven to pretty princess....


Carol said...

Jodie, Great pics. I love the muddy ones...looks like great fun!

Julia said...

I cme Jodie to look at the pictures . I will be mailing some more picture after the 13th of this month if you want to send some let me know.
Richard will soon be 2 years on the 30th of this month. May
Here is my picture, I do not get on much the baby keeps us all busy.
Call me, I would so much like to get together. If you can maybe this month even if it is just about 30 mintues at that park we met at before.
I was so excited to meet your daughter when we met,I would like for her and Richard to be friends as they grow up.
We still call foster mom and dad once sometimes twice a month if I have someone to translate for me.
Please keep posting picture we love to look at them.
PLease call, I will be out of school for the summer after May.
Julia Adams
Julia Adams